About Us

Fun fact: we met while working for one of the largest online retailers in the country

We’re Charleen and Daniel, the wife-and-husband duo behind Trauve.

After years of helping Aussies save money on mass-produced everything, we became parents during the pandemic, which forced us to re-assess everything, from our place in our community to our contribution to the planet.

While we’ve always tried to do our bit to be more conscious, we knew that our busy lifestyles steered us towards convenience shopping from big retailers. We wanted to change this, and help other conscious people support small businesses, by making it easier to shop small.

We love small businesses - nothing gets our little hearts racing like discovering new Australian brands, marveling at people’s creativity, and imagining the amount of love and hard work that goes into launching them into the world.

Our goal is to create a beautiful, streamlined platform to showcase awesome independent brands - a treasure trove of small Australian gems.

Our mission is simple: to become the go-to online shopping destination for legends like you who love supporting small.