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Men's Skincare

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Trauve - Men’s Skincare

Trauve Men's Skincare collection has an array of skincare products including a clay mask, body cleanse kit, AHA Deodorant, men's starter kit, cleansing bar and spray products for the best skin treatment. This one-stop shop for skincare keeps your skin feeling fresh and ready for a new day. Just go ahead and let us take care of all your skincare needs. All-in-one skincare kit comes in handy and caters to men's unique skin needs. Made of 100% Australian ingredients, this men’s skincare collection helps clear impurities from the skin and clear out any build-up.

Clean and fresh skin is a boon in itself. The Trauve Men's skincare has created a series of products that are all-inclusive in nature. The matcha clay mask helps in deep exfoliation while delivering instant results. Follow the product application with a refreshing shower to tighten pores and get a younger-looking skin. With the charcoal body cleanse kit, your skin is gently exfoliated and cleansed through the use of Konjac plant roots and bamboo charcoal. The AHA Deodorant exfoliates your skin giving it a smoother, brighter and clearer look for all-day long freshness.

The men's starter kit is a great way to start your simple yet sustainable skincare ritual of cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and loving yourself! With this vegan cleanser bar, you can remove dirt from your face, body and hair. Combined with aloe vera to soothe the skin and MSM to soften it, the Magnesium Spray makes magnesium penetrate faster into the body. Whether it's for your husband, father, or your special someone whose skin you want to pamper, the Men's Skincare collection is a great gift. Supporting independent brands encourages us to create more of such goodies!