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Trauve - Food & Drinks

Food is an essential part of our lives. Our bodies require vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for our vital body processes. Formation of blood, bones and teeth all need healthy nutrition. Vitamins & minerals are needed in small amounts, but they play an important role in the regulation of various bodily functions. Trauve offers some healthy drinks to help improve your health and body conditions and regulate your blood. We also provide tea, gourmet salts and spices, drinkware and aprons for your convenience. You can create a healthier home lifestyle with a little help from our end.

Bottles are more than just something to hold your favourite beverage; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The best energy drinks need the best bottle around. Made from 100% Australian-owned sustainable sugarcane, they are eco-friendly and recyclable! Our bottles are durable, lightweight and dishwasher safe too. We understand how important it is for you to have a great cup of coffee in the morning, so we've created a range of tumblers that let you enjoy your favourite beverage on the go. They also preserve the taste and aroma of your favourite brew. In addition to our wide range of smoothie tumblers, we also offer some other products that keep your beverage fresh and delicious for quite long. Trauve's Bedtime Loose Leaf Tea is made from 100% Australian-owned ingredients. It contains lavender oil that has been proven to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body, perfect for a restful sleep at night

Good food is a pleasure to cook and relish. That's why we've made Rivsalt Himalayan Salt Block for Barbecue. This handy accessory helps in maintaining the right balance between moisture and dryness during grilling, so your meat stays juicy and tender without falling apart. Our Leather apron ad long crossover back protects your clothes while you're cooking. It also adds an authentic glamorous touch to any outdoor kitchen-dining setup. Keep a few on hand for gifting to friends or someone special who love cooking. Natural energy drinks in beautiful bottles are the way to fitness and health! All these products are from small, independent Australian brands. Make them your own for your healthy future and theirs.