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Trauve - Bedding

Sleep plays an important role in our busy lives. Lack of quality sleep can play havoc with our physical and mental health. In fact, sleep is the best cure for many problems. That’s why Trauve’s bedding is designed to provide comfort and relaxation; it supports your body posture to heals your body pain and fatigue. Budding has a new kind of pillow case that will keep your pillow in place all night long. It gives you a peaceful night's sleep by allowing your head to properly rest on the pillow. Made from high-quality material, this pillowcase feels soft and gentle on your skin and offers a proper fit to standard size pillows.

The feathery feel of our 100% Australian-owned cotton ensures a comfortable sleep night after night. Featuring a handy pocket on the inside of the pillowcase, it is perfect for storing small but important items you want to keep safe even as you sleep well . Bamboo is all the rage in home and fashion today, and for good reason! This versatile plant offers a wide variety of benefits that make it truly environment friendly. Our pillowcases from Budding are made from bamboo fabric, which is lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, and silky-soft to sleep on. Not only do they help you get a great night's sleep, but they also help protect your sensitive skin against harmful allergies. Our pillowcases are uniquely formed to hug your neck while you sleep so they feel like a seamless extension of the bed.

kids-bedding collection includes products made of a strong and durable natural fibre that makes the perfect bedding for your little one. It boasts of similar aesthetic qualities as flax linen, which looks ultra-trendy. Plus, it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating, and incredibly durable. Comfortable, healthy, and well-rested kids equal happy household. Support small businesses at this one-stop-shop. A bedding gift is a good choice for family and loved ones. We guarantee you'll love this innovation as much as we do!