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Trauve - Home Office

A comfortable home office is essential for productivity. With Trauve, you can enjoy the comforts of a high-quality home lifestyle while staying connected. Enhance your workspace with desk accessories like filing wardrobes. It also comes with a variety of customisation options to turn your space into the best office setup. Sometimes, it's not enough to look good - you also want to feel great about yourself. Trauve has you covered with moodyboard, petal clock, mousepad and mirror attachment.

These home office essentials help you stay in a calm, collected state of mind throughout the day. Moodyboard keeps everything in its place so you can focus on your work without getting distracted by the little things that need attention around your house. Get ready to turn the clock back with the help of some adorable Trauve's petal clocks! These clocks add a little fun and whimsy to any space. Their form adds interest and doesn’t bother you too much with setup. Our locally crafted leather mousepad is made from 100% Australian-owned materials, including suede on the base for extra grip, and embedded rubber for added comfort. Its eye-catching design adds some personality to your workspace. Made by experienced leather craftsmen in Australia, our mousepad seamlessly blends form and function.

Our desk accessories include Archie, moody shapes and mirror attachments. We've designed this desk caddy to keep things together, so they don't end up all over the place. The mirror attachment is magnetic and attaches to your Moodyboard. The size of the mirrors are ideal in a powder room or dressing table for quick make-up checks. If you know someone who is setting up a home office, gift them something from our collection. Support independent Australian businesses and help Trauve help them.