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Trauve - Soap

Trauve's soap collections are a welcome addition to your daily shower routine. Our gentle and fragrant body bar products leave the skin nourished and soft and they smell divine! Some of the soap lathers are made of 100% Australian ingredients that easily give you a rich and creamy wash. On top of that, the coconut husk pods in the pack help to exfoliate your skin while washing away dirt and grime. They're also great for all skin types. With our exfoliating soap bar collections, you'll get rid of dirt and dead cells while infusing your skin with the perfect amount of essential oils.

Rose body bar is formulated with an array of essential oils to gently clean and hydrate your skin. Add the distinctive scent of rose to your routine with our rose body soap bar products. Feel fresh and fragrant thanks to the addition of natural fragrance. It’s the best for your pampering, soothing and nourishing your skin. Its exfoliating properties make the skin feel smooth and clean! Now that's what we call luxury skincare at its finest!

Check out the soap that softens, cleans and nourishes without any harmful chemicals! The gentle formulation of our French triple-milled soap collections washes away dirt, grime and impurities thoroughly and easily. Whether you want to smell great or keep yourself clean and hygienic, count on our independent brands to provide you with ample options and fragrances. Your support of small businesses on our website allows us to provide you with relevant products that meet your needs. Pamper yourself by adding these soap collections to your lifestyle. These fragranced soap bars are perfect gifts for men and women.