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Trauve - Beauty Accessories

Check out Trauve to find your favourite beauty infusions! This collection of beauty accessories is perfect for incorporating skincare into your daily routine. From cosmetic spoons and cleansing brushes to bamboo rounds and bags, you'll find everything to refresh, beautify and pamper yourself. Is beauty only skin deep? May or may not be the case! But we believe there is more to it. A beauty product or a favoured brand can make you look and feel great while turning all eyes on you. Trauve beauty accessories offer quality products for you to choose from every day.

Gua Sha with comb edges is particularly effective for 'smoothing' forehead wrinkles. Cosmetic spoon is made with rose gold and serves as a scoop for portioning products from jars and can be cleaned and reused multiple times. It also helps in applying face masks and other skincare products to your face. There are two sides to the silicone cleansing brush - one has soft brush fibres ideal for topical cleansing and the other has soft silicone nodules that are ideal for massaging and deep cleansing. Wash it with water and use it to remove loose dirt from your face. BARE Reusable Bamboo Rounds can be used for removing makeup, cleanser as well as cleaning masks and toner applications. They also help to exfoliate dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil while gently cleaning your pores.

Signature Beauty Bag is made of durable material to keep your cosmetics safe. You can rest assured that it will put up well during transit or in storage at home or elsewhere. All your beauty products can fit in this compact makeup pouch with complete minimalist vibes that makes a perfect gift for girlfriend. Beauty Bag can hold all of your beauty essentials in one place so you spend less time searching and more time relaxing. Trauve has got everything you need to look and feel your best, from beauty bundles and gorgeous makeup tools to women accessories.