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Trauve - Home Decor

A home's decor plays a significant role in many aspects of daily life. Your home is a place where you can express yourself in a way that suits your style, or you can feel more relaxed at home. With Trauve's wide variety of house decor items, you can enhance the beauty and happiness quotient of your home. Our collection includes candles, incense holders and sticks, natural essential oils and Room sprays. Your guests will be impressed and feel at ease when they enter your house with your unique touch.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy "to forget about simple but effective ways to bring in some peace. Trauve's candles are an easy way to do that! Candles are beautiful and calming, but nothing beats the smell of pure romance. Our candles leave a natural, calming fragrance in any space. It's soft and warm, and helps you let go of all stress, so you can relax. Our hand wash packed with nourishing best essential oils leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Made with 100% Australian-owned pure essential oil, it is also perfect for travelling because it comes in an easy-to-carry bottle. To add fragrance, you can either use Lemon + Mint or Patchouli + Lavender. Or if you want a more soothing fragrance, then Bergamot + Sandalwood may be perfect for you.

Our calming Incense Sticks are one of the oldest forms of fragrance in existence, and we're sure you've heard of its many benefits. Now you can get some of those benefits without worrying about too much perfume smell. Made from 100% Australian-owned wood powder and essential oils, it provides a beautiful aroma that will transport you to another world as you enjoy this piece of incense. Our stunning decor items in the Trauve's home décor collection make the perfect gift for someone special who loves to live a luxurious life. You'll love them just as much as we do. Supporting Australian businesses, allows us to bring more such unique products to you.