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Trauve - Fragrance

A scent is said to be a way of expressing one's personality. If you are a fragrance lover, then Trauve is your answer. Filled with 100% Australian ingredients, Trauve is a great way to express yourself through fragrance. With a blend of freshness and sensuality, this duo pack will leave you feeling elegant and confident. Whether you're going on a date night or a casual weekend outing with friends, spread your sweet scent around. Your body will thank you for this amazing freshness!

There's a certain smell that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's the smell of love, peace, comfort and friendship. A mix of freshness and nostalgia that feels comforting yet exciting. Let Vine take you on a slow dance. Top notes of jasmine and rose combined with bottom notes of bergamot and neroli create a romantic scent that is sure to sweep you off your feet. With Oak, you can breathe slowly and deeply. With top notes of grapefruit and sandalwood and bottom notes of ylang-ylang and ho wood, this blend encapsulates your senses and gives you a sense of calm and peace. Dawn is the time to start your day off on the right note. This uplifting scent combines grapefruit and mandarin with ylang-ylang and neroli, which together will engulf your senses and boost your mood.

Indulge in this duo pack of perfumes that will leave you smelling beautiful all day long. Embrace the sensuality of this Beauty Oil + Perfume duo and let it soothe and energise you. This duo pack includes two different scents to add to your beauty accessories. In addition to our fragrances, you may also check out our refill collections to refill your bottle and start your day without any hassle. At this one-stop shop, you can find fragrances to suit your every mood. Supporting small businesses keeps us on the move!