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Trauve - Teas

Many different teas are available to improve your health, fight inflammation and even protect you from cancer and heart disease. While some teas may actually be referred to as healthy treats owing to the benefits they offer, regular tea drinking has been shown to have a lasting impact on wellbeing. Trauve has a wide range of colic-relieving tea varieties with different flavours and fragrances to choose from. No matter what your preference is, we have got you covered! A night-time ritual that is well worth savouring, our loose leaf tea offers an easy-to-digest option for tired mothers looking to relieve their aches and pains while enjoying a relishing beverage. Trauve's teas will leave your taste buds satisfied and happy!

On the healthy delivery of your baby, you need to begin the most important breastfeeding journey. Trauve's lactation tea is the perfect choice for you! Made from the highest quality natural herbs, this blend supports lactation and soothes digestion for both mother and child, so your little one gets all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. This brand has 100% Australian-owned certified organic plant ingredients that support breastfeeding mothers and promote the health of the baby. Trauve's breastfeeding colic tea was created for moms having to deal with these symptoms and more in their babies. As a 100% certified organic plant-based formula, this herbal mixture supports healthy breast milk production while soothing your baby's digestive system to prevent colic episodes from recurring.

A calming blend of natural ingredients is what you get with Trauve's Bedtime Pyramid Teabags. These tea bags let you prepare a perfect pre-sleep drink and relax your mind and body. The caffeine-free herbal blend consists of lemon myrtle, chamomile, elderflower and apple. You will love the aromatic experience. Made without artificial colours or flavours, these bags will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed right after you have taken them out of the packet. Trauve's teas make a great gifts for new mums. Whether you are relaxing at home or on the move, they are easy to carry. It is easy for you or a new mum to drink healthy and stay healthy by supporting Australian businesse.