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Sustainable Cleaning Kits

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Trauve - Sustainable Cleaning Kits

Sustainability is something that can be continued. It is a practice to keep the environment safe and habitable for everyone. An example of sustainability is the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling. Check out our sustainable kits for you and your surroundings to lead a safe and healthy life. The process of cleaning can take place in a variety of contexts, and with a variety of methods. Trauve gives different collections of cleansing materials for your surroundings like Happy Human Bundle and mixed refill packs, so home and workplace cleaning becomes an easy part of daily routine. Our Happy Human Bundle with its 100% recyclable or compostable packaging is a greener choice. You can maintain a clean home easily with these cleaning packs.

In addition to being convenient, our mixed refill packs are also small in size and save precious shipping and storage space. Try our family-friendly refill tabs and get rid of messy spills and stains from any surface. Our innovative Trauve cleaning formulations gently clean without leaving behind nasty chemicals or residues. Our cleaning solutions are meant for the best of times, but also for the quick yet effective cleaning during the rush hour.

Made from 100% Australian owned ingredients, this strong cleaner gets all kinds of dirt and stain off a variety of surfaces. This all-in-one-cleaner saves you the hassle and expense by eliminating the need to purchase multiple cleaners! Just add a few drops of our natural Lavender or Eucalyptus & Lemon essential oils to a spray bottle and apply it to a surface. Our Multi-purpose Cleaner kit makes your home smelling sweet and fresh while keeping dust mites at bay. This powerful multi-purpose cleaner can remove grease, grime and germs from any surface. Wood, stone and it can take on many more to give you a helping hand in cleaning. Gift it to someone or yourself and mess and grime will no longer bother you. Support some of the best Australian brands on our website, so we can offer you more quality products and services.