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Hand wash

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Trauve - Hand wash

Clean hands are a necessity for health and hygiene! We know how much you love to pamper yourself and this magical hand wash is a great choice. It softens the skin by hydrating it, and also cleans the dirt and grime for a fresh, clean feel. Some of these hand wash products are made of 100% Australian ingredients, which makes them good for your hands and the earth. Trauve's hand wash collections are designed to cleanse and moisturise the skin at the same time. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that keep germs and bacteria off your hands. A must-have product in your bathroom or at the washbasin!

Take care of your hands the easy and best way. The gentle formulation is enhanced with essential oils that cleanse and soothe your skin while the luscious foam leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated. Specially designed for hands, the trio will find a place of pride in your cabinet. Be ready for a fun bathtime ritual with our hand formulation that compliments the three bareso products. Our body wash bottles, refillable sachets of powder-to-fomentation formulation and 3 refillable sachets of liquid foamy hand wash are perfect additions to this already amazing set!

Available in different flavours, pick the one that suits your liking! It looks gorgeous on display and smells amazing! Gift your mother or wife these fragrances that relax them even as they go about their hygiene and beauty routine. Supporting our independent brand allows us to move forward. This one-stop shop has all your cleanliness needs covered in fragrances that appeal to your senses.