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Healthy Treats

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Trauve - Healthy Treats

Healthy living doesn't mean covering up or ignoring your cravings; you can eat a fresh and wholesome diet that appeals to your tastebuds too and satiate your cravings. It is important to eat healthy food not only for physical health but also for mental health. When you need something sweet that is healthy too, say hello to Healthy Treats. Trauve offers healthy bites to entice kids and teens for their health and appetite. Our delicious, creamy fudge is filled with chunks of Choc Coconut Fudge and mango and coated in crunchy peanut butter, making it a healthy dessert that's impossible to resist!

We made Choc Coconut Fudge - because you deserve to indulge in some chocolate every now and then. Made from completely 100% Australian-owned ingredients, this creamy dessert is packed with nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. It is preservative-free, so it's perfect if you're looking to eat healthier. Plus, it contains at least 70% nuts + seeds so it's high in protein too! Our Creamy Coconut Mango is full of goodness and protein, which will keep you energised throughout the morning. Made using plant-based proteins and healthy fats, it's also high in fibre which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. And because it's sweetened with stevia, it satisfies your craving for something sweet minus the unhealthy sugary.

When you feel a craving in the middle of work, our tempting quick bites cater to your taste buds the healthy way. So you've decided to make a change. You're eating better, exercising more and feeling good about yourself. We've introduced the Whole Super Bite Team fudge to help you shift your sweet cravings into a healthy home-lifestyle habit. Made with 100% Australian-owned nourishing and brain-loving nuts and seeds, these bites are coated with a thin layer of rich vegan dark chocolate that will give you energy throughout the day. They're handy to grab on the go or keep in your desk drawer, so you always have a healthy snack close by. They're high in protein and make a great snacking option! Support our independent brands and allow us to create more healthy products for a healthier life.