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Bath Mats

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Trauve - Bath Mats

A bath mat is used in front of a bathtub or shower to absorb all the moisture in the bathroom. Bathroom mats are essential because they keep the space dry, hygienic and protected from moisture damage. Plus, they come in a variety of patterns and colours to suit your space, style and liking. Trauve’s bath mats are the perfect choice for your home. These soft and comfortable mats are made from 100% pure cotton and available in many different designs. Check out our collections of Turkish Cotton Bath mat, Lemon Bath Mat and Abstract Bath Mat.

Trauve bath mats add a special touch to complete your interior scheme. The Abstract Bath Mat features soft piles, quality construction and elegant style that make it a perfect balance of form and function. With a unique design and luxurious feel, this mat adds charm to your bathroom space. No matter how wet your feet get, it absorbs all of it and keeps your floor safe and dry. Our range of bath mats made of luxuriously soft and stain-resistant handmade cotton dries quickly and absorbs water exceptionally well. Plus, 100% Australian-owned cotton mats are extremely easy to clean, making them a great choice for any bathroom. The Turkish Cotton Bath mats feel plush under your feet. They look equally fabulous too! The stylish designs of these mats combined with their ability to keep the bathroom floors clean and hygienic makes them beautiful and functional.

Try out the quirky and beautiful design of Trauve's Lemon Bath Mats! It’s rubber anti-skid base makes them safer and adds stability. These bath mats are perfect to step on and feel pampered. They're also easy to clean and may be used for years without any loss in their shape or functionality. Our range of bath mats make the ideal gift for homemakers who care about their homes and love to maintain style. This one-stop-shop offers many bath mat collections. Support our independent brands that help each one of us reach newer heights.