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Trauve - Maternity Breastfeeding

All you need is one look at Trauve's maternity collection to know that it's special. Its designs are chic and comfortable and look flattering on every body type. Trauve has everything you need to stay comfortable and stylish throughout your pregnancy. Vera Bralettes & Bottoms and Estelle Bralettes & Bottoms are a must check out. From soft stretchy bottoms to chic bralettes, Trauve has the perfect pair to fit your changing body to the T. And with its wide range of colors and styles, there's something for everyone’s liking.

Bottoms are perfect for pregnant women to stay comfortable yet stylish during their pregnancy. Made from 100% Australian-owned brands using breathable materials, these bottoms are super comfortable and properly support you. Moreover, they perfectly pair with a variety of tops and dresses. These high-quality maternity essentials make the journey with your baby memorable and convenient! Trauve is here to make sure you look great and feel comfortable no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in! We offer a wide range of choices for every outfit and occasion, from stylish dresses to soft footed pyjamas.

Our range of breastfeeding clothes are made from quality materials that are soft on the skin and last until you need them and beyond. Trauve has got you covered with a wide range of maternity clothes in soft fabric and a variety of sizes and styles so there's something for everyone! Gift a new mum a pair of Trauve’s bottom and bralette. Whether they're relaxing at home or heading out on the town, Trauve will make every moment special. Support a small business to help it grow to newer heights, while you flaunt the stylish collection for women from Trauve. Pick up the versatile pairs of bottoms and Bralettes at this one-stop-shop to feel confident in your new pregnant or nursing body.