6 Reasons to Shop Small

13 Oct 2022
by Trauve Team

Even though small businesses have had a tough few years, they continue to dominate and power the Australian economy. One of the best things to have come out of the pandemic is the big emphasis to support small - all it takes is doing our little bit, and the impact can be huge. Here's our top 6 reasons to shop small.

1. Sustainable

No matter where you stand on the sustainability scale, this is an easy way to do your bit for the environment. Choosing to spend your money with brands that are conscious, small-batch, made to last, or sustainable in other aspects will go a long way. Don’t settle for fast-fashion brands’ attempts at greenwashing - we’re spoilt for awesome small brands doing the right thing, so we can definitely shop better!

2. Supporting Australians creating something different.

We’re a nation of entrepreneurs and small business owners - after all, over 98% of our economy is made up of small businesses. It’s an astounding figure that we should be proud of, and get behind. If we didn’t support entrepreneurs who took the risk of creating something different, and all we had was mass-produced products from retail giants, what would life be like?

3. More interesting selection

Whether you’re shopping for a gift, staples for a loved one, or something special for yourself, there’s no denying that independent brands will have a more interesting range than what you would find at Target. Thoughtfully designed products have the kind of heart that will make you warm and fuzzy every time you use them, and chances are you won’t walk down the street to find 5 other people wearing the same thing.

4. Community

Buying directly from small businesses means that your money is going straight into the community, not funding a faceless chain store. Supporting Australian design-makers, creatives and entrepreneurs creates jobs and opportunities locally - that is power!

5. Better customer service

Ever tried to get assistance at Myer or David Jones? *cue laughter*. Buying from an independent business means you’re more likely to deal with someone who will actually care about your shopping experience. When you’re parting with your hard-earned cash, it’s only right!

6. That feel good feeling

The fabled dance that small business owners do when you place an order? Nobody does that in the Amazon HQ, we checked. Ok, we haven’t really, but we know.