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Trauve - Home

Your Home is the best place on earth. It is where you spend time with your family and create beautiful lifelong memories. Trauve has the best products to decorate your home including amazing collections of desk accessories and candles. You can use our bedding products like blankets, pillowcases, and quit covers for the master and kids’ bedrooms and make them feel cosy and comfortable; you can also impress your guests with unique colour palettes. Organic Cotton Jersey Bedding - Cotton is the best thing for your little one to sleep on. We offer 100% Australian-owned organic cotton bed sheets for your kids’ bed. Warm in winter and cool in summer, our soft jersey sheets are breathable and comfortable throughout the year. And they come in a range of colours so you can pick the ones that blend in with your child's bedroom decor!

You can go for our Snow White 100% Hemp Pillowcase Pairs that are always a great choice for any bedroom. It is perfect for sensitive skin and people prone to allergies. It is an awesome choice for anyone looking to add a fresh new look to their bedroom space. Candles are beautiful and calming, but nothing beats the smell of pure romance. Made with 100% Australian-owned pure essential oils, our candles leave a natural, calming fragrance in any space. They’re soft and warm, and prepare you to let go of all stress, so you can relax. Our calming Incense Sticks are also crafted with safe ingredients, so you can feel good when you enter the room.

We all love a smoothie or a refreshing juice, don’t we? If it is health boosting too, then nothing like it! Our smoothie tumblers are the ideal way to enjoy these drinks in style at home or on the go. We have a whole collection for those who want their home to look fabulous yet strive for healthy living. Take care of your special person including your mum or kids with these healthy foods and beverages to give them gifts that are special and healthy too. You can take care of your health by supporting our Australian brands.