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Trauve - Feeding

For women settling in their breastfeeding journey, we have a lot of help to offer. Trauve breast pads are designed to help absorb milk leaks to keep you dry and clean. Our nursing pads have a water-proof protective barrier to contain all the leaks. Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive nipples too. The ultra-absorbent organic cotton is great for medium to high leakage and the organic terry towel on the inner layer ensures the leaks don’t wet your clothes.

In addition, these nursing pads are better for the environment and your savings too! They save you from buying bundles of disposable breast pads that end up in the garbage. Every time you wash the nursing pad, it becomes softer and more absorbent. So, eco-friendly reusable breast pads are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money too. These reusable breast pads are gentle on sensitive nipples, yet ultra-absorbent with a water-proof barrier for nursing mums to avoid any embarrassment and discomfort!

Organic burp cloths take care of any after-feed accidents. Each burp cloth has two layers, a soft organic cotton layer and an absorbent terry towel layer for super absorbency. Gentle and soft, it is safe for the baby’s sensitive skin. Machine washable burp cloths keep your baby and you clean and dry. Nursing pads and burp cloths both help a new mom and her baby stay fresh and nice through the day. The Trauve range of feeding products are great gifts for new mums. We aim to bring small Australian brands together to deliver a seamless shopping experience for you. When you buy from Trauve, you are buying directly from independent businesses and helping them grow.