Seller Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 Trauve operates a curated online marketplace (“Website”), where the Seller has a Store.

1.2 By setting up a Store or using the Website as a marketing platform, the Seller agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.3 When a Customer purchases a product from the Website, the contract for sale is formed between the Customer and Seller. The product/service is fulfilled by Seller directly to the Customer and does not come into the possession of Trauve at any time. Trauve acts solely as the agent of Seller, providing the platform as well as advertising opportunities to promote the Seller's products.

1.4 Terms and Conditions and the applicable Commission rates are subject to change at Trauve’s discretion, and Trauve will notify Seller of any such amendments. By continuing to use the Website after receiving such notification, Seller will be deemed to have agreed to the amended terms.

1.5 The Agreement between Trauve and Seller will commence on the day the Seller Store is created, and can be terminated by either party at any point through written notice.

1.6 Upon termination of this Agreement, the Seller will continue to fulfill its obligations towards Customers in respect of, but not limited to, dispatching orders, providing assistance, resolving disputes and issuing refunds.

2 Trauve and Seller

2.1 By setting up a Store on the Website, the Seller appoints Trauve as their agent in relation to the promotion and sale of Seller's products on the Website, including promotion through third parties.

2.2. When an order is placed on the Website, Trauve in its capacity as Seller's agent will cause the Website to automatically generate an invoice for that transaction. Seller will not generate an additional invoice to the Customer in respect of such sale.

2.3 Trauve will take a commission on the sale, and Seller will receive a net payment.

2.4 Seller assumes all responsibility for the performance of all obligations in relation to (a) any product supplied by Seller to a Customer; (b) the fulfilment of any Order accepted by Trauve on behalf of Seller; (c) the publication of Seller's Information on the Website; and (d) any Loss or Tax relating to or arising out of the supply or sale of any product by the Seller from one territory to a Customer located in, or purporting to be located in, another territory.

2.5 Seller indemnifies Trauve against any Losses or Claims suffered or incurred by Trauve in relation to (a) any agreement that is formed between Seller and a Customer for the purchase of any product by a Customer from Seller; (b) any product supplied by Seller to a Customer; (c) any Order accepted by Trauve on behalf of Seller; (d) the publication of any of Seller's Information on the Website; (e) any breach by Seller of this agreement; and (f) any cost, expense, Loss, claim, action or proceedings incurred by or made against Trauve relating to or arising out of any Tax that relates to or arises out of the supply or sale of any product by the Seller from one territory to a Customer located in, or purporting to be located in, another territory.

3 Seller and the Website

3.1 Trauve will provide Seller with a Seller Portal where Seller can set up a store, manage listings, inventory and orders.

3.2 Seller will not promote or make any reference to any other business or website (including Seller's Website) in its Store.

3.3 Seller will ensure that Seller's Information:

  • is up-to-date, accurate, and not misleading or deceptive;
  • does not contain any Virus or malware;
  • complies with all applicable laws;
  • does not infringe on the Intellectual Property of any third party
  • is not: (a) defamatory or in contempt of any legal or other proceedings; (b) indecent, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or of doubtful propriety; (c) of a menacing character; (d) discriminatory to any group of persons including groups defined by reference to colour, race, sex, origin, nationality or ethnic or national origins; or (e) offensive or denouncing of political or religious beliefs.

3.4 Prices advertised on the Seller Store must be equal to or lower than advertised on other sites, including the Seller’s own site (taking shipping into account). Seller must not advertise a better deal elsewhere.

3.5 Seller will not offer any liquor product for sale in its Store unless compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

3.6 Seller will ensure that all products and services offered for sale in its Store are of a nature consistent with Trauve's reputation as a marketplace for quality products and service.

3.7 Seller will not do anything that adversely affects the reputation or goodwill of Trauve or the Website. Trauve reserves the right to remove any product or any of Seller's Information from the Store.

3.8 Seller acknowledges that Trauve retains the right to determine:

  • the nature of all other sellers using the Website and products offered for purchase using the Website (including products that are the same or similar to Seller's products); and
  • the manner in which the Website is presented (including the nature and arrangement of content, the categorisation of products, the order in which products and sellers are presented, features, functionality, advertising, links and the 'look and feel').

3.9 Seller will not (a) use the Seller Portal or the Website beyond the scope of use set out by this Agreement; (b) access the Seller Administration Section or the Website unlawfully; (c) modify or make derivative works based on the Website; (d) attempt to reverse engineer or access the backend of the Website with the intention of creating a competitive product or service; or (e) copy or build any concepts, features, functions or graphics based on the Website.

4 Customer Service

4.1 Upon notification of an Order, Seller will ship the relevant product within the advertised dispatch timeframe, and promptly update the order status in the Seller Portal to ‘Complete’;

4.2 If the Customer does not receive the product for any reason, Seller will promptly ensure that alternative fulfilment arrangements are made.

4.3 All communication between Seller and Customer must take place in the Message Centre provided on the Website, and accessible in the Seller Portal.

4.4 Seller will uphold the highest levels of service to Customers, and ensure that all communication is courteous and professional at all times.

4.5 If a Customer is dissatisfied with Seller's service or delivery times, then (a) Trauve may in its capacity as agent of the Seller issue a Store Credit to the Customer for a value no greater than 50% of the amount paid by the Customer for the relevant products; and (b) Seller will reimburse Trauve for the value of the Store Credit.

4.6 Seller may only use Customer information for the purposes of fulfilling their Order. Seller will not use or disclose such information for marketing or any other purposes.